For organizations that need to develop secure, cryptocurrency solutions in a rapidly developing marketplace, my unique approach to embedded systems engineering coupled with my expertise in compiler development ensures that your products and services will be secure, efficient, and innovative. Furthermore; my experience in open source development processes will enable development of collaborative relationships within the complex cryptocurrency markets ensuring a role of leadership, innovation, and trust.

What Next

For the past seven years I have been a team player on a variety of cutting edge technology projects for Intel, Apple, AMD, and Siemens. I am ready for an engineering-focused leadership role on my next technology development project. I am excited about cryptocurrencies, and have a strong background in compilers; combining the two wold be amazing.

What’s Important

Being able to grow and lead a high performing team.
Creating innovative technological designs and elegant solutions.
Working closely with technology enthusiasts and early adopters.
Supporting business development with my technical expertise.
Building efficient, honest and collaborative teamwork.

Competency Categories

  • Systems Design
    • Define customer requirements
    • Translate business requirements into development specs
    • Scope, draft, and negotiate statements of work
    • Concise and clear verbal & written communication skills
  • Software/Firmware Architecture
    • Architect optimizing compilers for modern embedded processors
    • Expert in SoC/GPU/FPGA acceleration of image processing algorithms
    • Strong understanding of hardware development lifecycles
    • Deep knowledge of blockchain technologies and their respective markets
  • Progamming
    • Expert-level C/C++/ObjC programming skills and standards knowledge
    • Experienced in cross-platform development
    • Excellent embedded debug and problem solving skills
    • Well versed in compiler tooling for static and dynamic analysis
    • Proficient in Python, Bash, Javascript, and HTML
  • Leadership & Innovation
    • See the big picture
    • Help people create innovative solutions
    • Respected member of the open source community
    • Proven track record of informative, patient, and accurate support
  • Project Management
    • Passion for building high quality software on time & on budget
    • Tracks priorities, motivates others
    • Self-starting, self-motivated, self-directed, and self-sufficient

Private Keys, Dragons, and C++: Part 1

LLVM Wyvern, used with permission from llvm.org

Managing the lifetime of private keys in C++ is a difficult task. From memory management to compiler optimizations and undefined behavior, everywhere you turn, there are dragons waiting to break the security of even the most well-written standards-conforming code, and steal the keys to your castle. In this series, I describe common pitfalls when securing data while resident in memory and the industry-standard strategies for mitigating them.